Terms Of Agreement

I, the undersigned, agree to follow the safety rules of “On The Rocks Tours” company, as they were described during the safety briefing at the start of the tour, as well as the directions of the tour guide and the general Greek driving rules. I agree to take care of my safety, my passenger, the rest participants of the group and the integrity of the car that was provided by the company for the purpose of the tour.

I accept the dangers relied to buggy driving and I further agree that on tours with “On The Rocks Tours” company, there are certain additional dangers and risks, namely the following:

Risks or dangers can’t be excluded, even with the highest diligence of “On The Rocks Tours” company or the tour guides. In particular the danger of damage caused by another participant of the tour can't be excluded. Following to the use of the buggy driving off road, sometimes even in heavy terrain, there is a high possibility of damage or increased wear.

The tours lead through wayless and unsettled areas. The dangers in these areas, in particular, consist of several obstacles like deep canyons, rocks, trees, holes and indentations, stone walls and ruins of walls and further variable and difficult soil, which can't be foreseen or surpassed easily, when having reached a specific speed. Communication in some areas might be really difficult. In case of an accident, rescue and medical care could be available late or not at all.

Especially in rocky or mountain areas, the weather conditions can be extreme and also can change quickly, radically and unexpectedly.

I accept all these dangers and risks on the tours with the “On The Rocks Tours” company, in particular the risk of injury, demise, damage or property loss.

I admit, that the pleasure and the excitement on tours like the ones offered by the company, are partly depend on buggy driving on particular routes and in difficult terrain. The dangers of driving under these conditions are part of the fascination on tours such “On The Rocks Tours” company.

It's solely my task to estimate, if my driving skills are on a high enough level to master the route shown by the tour guides. The organizer or the tour guide isn't obligated to pinpoint and verify my driving skills and my abilities.

I am aware of the specific dangers and risks mentioned above and I take part in the tour on my own risk. The liability of “On The Rocks Tours” company (including their partners and staff) for damages which I may sustain during the tour is limited on the triple amount of the tour price, under the condition that the damage was caused by a partner or a member of the staff. This limitation of liability isn't becoming effective if I sustain a damage of person. “On The Rocks Tours” is not responsible for damages caused willingly, grossly negligently or under then influence of alcohol or drugs.

Any liability of “On The Rocks Tours” company or the tour guides is excluded for material damage or damage to persons if caused by myself, except if these damages are covered by the liability insurance prescribed by the regulations. In any case, the scope of the claim is limited to the extent of the insurance cover of the precise case. I accept that in any case I will not prosecute “On The Rocks Tours” company or the tour guide and staff.

The conclusion of corresponding insurance contracts was suggested to me.

Usage of data: I hereby agreed that “On The Rocks Tours” company may use my name and address as well as photos, films and other images, that “On The Rocks Tours” company takes of me during the entire tour for marketing purposes. I can revoke this agreement in writing anytime.


In all packages, in case of cancellation more than 2 days prior to the tour date, 25% of the total booking amount is held to cover booking expenses.

In all packages, in case of cancellation 2 days or less of the tour date or no show at the tour appointment, 100% of the total booking amount is charged.

Any applicable refunds, will be paid back to the client’s bank account as soon as we receive it from his credit card. Transfer fees may apply and differ in each Bank. Our company holds no responsibility on this matter.

“On The Rocks” strongly recommends the usage of an insurance contract covering off road adventures to our clients.